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The World's Coolest & Brightest Zoomable 5 Mode Flashlight - The Torch

$19.95 $49.95

Turn Night into Day with The World's Coolest and BRIGHTEST Zoomable 5 Mode Flashlights in the WORLD!


5 Modes:
-High Beam
-Medium Beam
-Low Beam

Flashlight is Zoomable which allows you to zoom in to have a tight beam and zoom out to have a VERY LARGE WIDE BEAM that can cover an entire room, entire house, field, etc.

Rifle Mountable!

Comes with:
-AAA Battery Adapter
-Wrist Strap
-Nice Case

Also can take the Rechargeable Lithium Ion 18650 Battery that our XPRO V2 Lasers use. You can purchase this Battery Seperate on our website as well as the charger.

If you would like your name laser engraved on this flashlight for $5 please email us at prior to ordering

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