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The World's Coolest Blue Burning Laser (The Triton) + 5 Lenses +Laser Safety Glasses +FREE Shocking Laser +FREE Bluetooth Sunglasses


FREE Shocking Laser Included when you purchase this laser! This Laser is EXTREMELY POWERFUL!!! It will pierce the night sky and shine for miles! It shoots so far in the sky that you can point at individual stars in the sky with it. This laser will pop balloons, light matches, light cigaretes, and with the expandable lens kit you will be able to do all kinds of visual effects with it.


One of the Most Powerful and Coolest Lasers in the World!!! This Laser will:


Light Matches ✔


Light Cigarettes ✔


Light Fireworks ✔


Pop Balloons ✔


Roast Insects ✔


Will shine for miles and miles in distance ✔


Can point out any star in the sky ✔


Can point out any object MILES AND MILES away ✔


Can be used as a survival laser to start fires and signal for help ✔


Has awesome attachable lenses for special visual effects ✔


Will make parties, events, and gatherings a ton of fun ✔


Will make people who see your laser want one too ✔


Will AMAZE people when they see it ✔


Will make a great gift especially for a birthday gift or Christmas Gift ✔



Comes with Laser Safety Glasses ✔

Comes with 5 Attachable Lenses ✔


Comes with rechargeable lithium ion batteries ✔


Comes with a battery charger ✔


Comes with an awesome carrying case with foam fitted inserts ✔


Laser is focusable ✔


Comes with a FREE Shocking Laser ✔


Fast Shipping ✔


Awesome and Fast customer response/support ✔


The best in the business ✔




Fast Shipping!!!


Fast Customer Response/Customer Service!!!


And FREE Shocking Laser with every laser purchase!!!


The BEST in the business!!!



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Be sure to buy extra rechargeable batteries on our website because if you do not have extra batteries then when your original battery that comes with your laser goes dead and needs charged you will not be able to use your laser until it charges unless you have extra backup batteries to use while the orgianal battery charges.


Laser Package Includes:


Blue Burning Laser


Expanded Lens Kit for Visual Effects (5 Lenses Included)


1 Pair of Safety Goggles


Metal Carrying Case


2x Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries


Battery Charger



For Complete Specifications on this laser email us at: We like talking to all our customers and laser fans



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