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The XPRO V2 Eliite 4 Mode Laser +Extras is the upgraded version of the XPRO V2 Laser. The XPRO V2 Elite Laser is a 4 Mode Laser that allows you to shine a Red Laser on the first press of trhe button, a Green Laser on the second press of the button, a Red Laser and Green Laser at once on the third press of the button, and Strobe on the fourth press of the button. This laser will absolutely blow your mind at all of the different modes you can use. And with the attachable sparkle lens that comes with it you can shine millions of sparkles on anything you shine it on. It can cover an entire wall, an entire house, an entire field, and more. This laser can:

Shine for miles and miles in distance ✔

Can see the laser beam at night for miles and miles ✔

Can point out any star in the sky ✔

Can pop black balloons EASILY ✔

Can shine millions of sparkles on anything you shine it on using the includes sparkle lens ✔

Can cover an entire wall, an entire outside of a house, building, field, etc. with the sparkle lens ✔

Will amaze every single person you show it to or that sees you using it ✔

Will make everyone that sees it want one as well ✔

Includes a FREE Shocking Laser with purchase ✔

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